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Non-Disclosure Package
$699 $249 *Free Eliminator Tool with package purchase

Some charges just aren’t eligible for expunction.

However, they may qualify for Non-Disclosure. This seals up your charge, and only verified government entities can view it.

Similar to the expunction package the non-disclosure process requires legal documents to be filled and filed with the court.

Our system will generate your custom legal documents and efile on your behalf. Then a dedicated customer success manager will help guide you through the rest of the process and answer any questions you may have.

We'll then use our included Eliminator tool ($249 value) to send notice to hundreds of nationally accredited background check and mugshot companies to scrub any record of your arrest from their database.

Arrest Record Verification

We contact the court directly to verify your case information.

Letter of Proof

We give you a letter of proof to show landlords or potential employers.

Custom Legal Documents

Our system will generate a custom set of legal documents specifically for your unique case.

Eliminator Tool Included Free

($249 Value)

Our tool can scrub your now-clean record from the databases of 100's of nationally accredited background check and mugshot companies, setting you up for a fresh start.

Dedicated Success Manager

Our job isn’t complete until the judge approves your Expunction order.

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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common Texas record clearing questions you might have.

What's an non-disclosure?

Non-disclosure requires all state and federal agencies to seal your record, so no one outside of the government can ever see it. It can be used against you in future prosection but rest assured – law enforcement, jails, and the Department of Public Safety must seal your record and cannot disclose the offense to non-governmental agencies.

Who is eligible for an non-disclosure in Texas?

If you were convicted, received community supervision, or did not complete a deferred adjudication for a Class C Misdemeanor, you may qualify for a non-disclosure.

Do you need a lawyer to expunge your record?

Nope. Most people can file and successfully process their own Texas expungement without an attorney.

How long does a non-disclosure take in Texas?

In most instances, it takes about 30 days to schedule a hearing date after the petition for non-disclosure is filed. The entire process usually takes from four to six weeks and If the court grants the non-disclosure order, it usually takes up to 180 days for most local, state, and federal agencies to destroy their records.

Do non-disclosure records show up on background checks?

Nope. Non-disclosure charges can not be disclosed to non-govermental agencies.

Will I have to attend a hearing?

It is up to the particular court where your petition is filed whether to have a hearing or not.