The court denied my petition or a party filed an appeal of the order granting my petition what should I do now?

Immediately contact an attorney to discuss your options. Most rulings made by a court can be appealed but individuals must act quickly to preserve their right to appeal. There are also strict time limits individuals have to respond when post trial motions or appeals are filed so the sooner you contact an attorney the better. Unfortunately, at this time EasyExpunctions does not sell any documents for individuals to use in filing post trial motions or when appealing an adverse ruling so your best option is to contact an attorney immediately. EasyExpunctions will not be a party to any agreement you enter into with an attorney to represent you. Also make sure to contact customer support and request a full refund under our Money Back Guarantee.

What is the process once I have my documents?

EasyExpunctions will provide detailed filing instructions via email to each customer when final documents are sent. Sometimes a hearing will be required. We cannot file your documents for you and will not represent you if a hearing is required. Customers can either choose to hire an attorney to file their documents or file their documents on their own, pro se. If you file your documents on your own and a hearing is required, you should show up to the court early with a copy of the documents you purchased from us. Be respectful towards the judge and court personnel and answer any questions posed to you truthfully. Use any opportunity provided to you to explain why you have filed a petition with the court (ie, because you want to have your offense expunged or sealed), how having a clear record will improve your life and job prospects, and do your best to explain to the court that you believe justice would be best served if the court grants your petition because you want to be a productive member of society without these offenses continuing to be associated with you.

Does somebody from your office go to the hearing for me?

No. EasyExpunctions is an online document provider. We are not your attorney and do not represent you, however we want to see you succeed and are always available to offer support and encouragement if you are nervous about your hearing or have questions about where to go. Please contact us whenever you have any concerns.

How long will the process take?

Petitions can take months to be processed by a court depending on the case load of the specific court and whether a petition is contested or not. EasyExpunctions cannot control how a court prioritizes petitions and cannot contact the court on behalf of any customer since we do not represent you.