Orders signed by a Judge mandate that public entities must seal or destroy records but are not disseminated to private companies that maintain databases or conduct background checks. EasyExpunctions offers a service where we will email letters on your behalf to some of the leading background check companies and databases in the United States informing them of the need to update their records. Reputable companies will usually remove the offense information from their records after receiving notice. Texas Government Code §§411.0851 requires that private companies, upon receiving notice of an expunction or non-disclosure, must destroy all information related to the sealed or expunged offense. Companies that do not comply may potentially be held liable for damages resulting from possession or dissemination of information related to a sealed or expunged criminal record. Other states often have similar laws protecting their residents and you should always consult with an attorney about your options under the relevant law. Since EasyExpunctions does not represent you, we will never pursue any legal action against a company that fails to remove information after being provided with notice to do so. If you notice that a company has not removed information within 90 days of being requested to remove the information we suggest contacting a licensed attorney to discuss your options under the law.