Frequently Asked Questions

In Texas, an expunction means the Court destroys all records of both the arrest and any court proceedings, so they can’t ever be found on any government maintained database by anyone. Any record of the expunction also gets destroyed. It’s like the arrest (and the expunction) never happened. In order to receive an expunction a Petition must be filed with a court that has jurisdiction requesting that all records pertaining to a specific offense(s) be destroyed. If a court finds a petitioner is entitled to an expunction they will issue an Order granting the expunction.

You should be able to view the results of your BackGround ReportCard by navigating to the Offenses section from your Dashboard after you log in. If you cannot view your BackGround ReportCard for any reason, please contact customer service so that a representative can help you.

EasyExpunctions uses proprietary technology we have developed that analyzes statutes, public records and information provided by our customers to generate documents. We do not provide legal advice so you should always rely on the information you receive from a licensed attorney if it conflicts with any information we provide. Sometimes our system flags a potential issue, even when a customer is eligible to have their record cleared under the law, and when this happens we will not sell a customer documents. Because we offer industry leading consumer protections, including a comprehensive Money Back Guarantee that covers any amount you pay to us or a court in filing fees, we only provide documents to individuals we have a high degree of confidence will be successful if they file the documents without the assistance of an attorney.